Server, Workstation, and Abstract Network Implementation

Upgrading from older systems is increasingly becoming more important as technology continues to move faster and faster. As of January 14th, 2020, Windows 7 and Windows 2008 server is no longer supported by Microsoft, leaving them open to new and old vulnerabilities that can leave your data confiscated to hackers.

Let us provide you with the best pricing from vendors to upgrade your systems to up to date hardware and software, allowing you to keep your business flowing smoothly without concern.

If you need remote access to your workstation or server, we can help you decided whether you should be using a built in VPN session software, or a third party commercial remote access software suite. We will work with you to decide what’s best to keep your data and services safe will working in the constraints of your budget.

Physical Full Service Networking

New Cat 5e, or Cat 6 connections are still a preferred method to the professional environment, as opposed to the ever leaking Wireless Networks. Physical connections will always prove to be more secure than keeping your servers and workstations setup to a Wireless Access Point.

Whether you need to wire a new office, adding new drops to an existing network, or just cleaning up the mess that the “other guy” made, you can trust us to do it cleanly and properly the first time.

Affordable and Secure Cloud Backup Storage Fully Managed

Using AES-256 Encryption methods upon transport ensures full encryption to keep your data safe. As a standard, we maintain 3 days of backup to allow for protection against Ransomware. This way even if someone makes a mistake, we can go back to the original data-set prior to the digital catastrophe.